mia bencivenga

hello & welcome to my portfolio.

This is just a small sampling to show you my range and skill set. If you’d like more pieces or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me below. Cheers!

a few things you might like to know.

I’m an experienced copywriter & editor.

I have written and edited copy for a variety of clients, including breweries, tech startups, giant corporations, newspapers, magazines, and much more. Also, I am comfortable writing dozens of pieces a week and am used to quick turns and multiple rounds of feedback.

I’m extremely adaptable to different voices & styles.

Whether it’s writing for an audience of florists, gamers, bodybuilders, or beauty bloggers, I can easily adapt to any voice and style. In addition, I’m skilled at writing for nearly any medium, including social media platforms, book reviews, recipes, store signs, digital banner ads, landing pages, and more.

I have a deep love of love language & storytelling.

I have a linguistics background which means I approach all writing through the lens of equations and logic. I’m also a very creative person who just enjoys writing for the sake of writing! I’ve found the combination has served me well in my career so far, and I hope it might serve you well, too.

my previous employers & clients.

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