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hey there,

welcome to my portfolio.

This is just a small sampling to show you my range and skill set. If you’d like more pieces or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me below. Cheers!

a few things you might like to know about me.

I’m an experienced writer & editor.

I have written and edited short and long-form copy and content for a variety of clients, including breweries, tech startups, major corporations, newspapers, universities, magazines, and more since 2014. Thanks to my years of experience, I am comfortable writing high quantities of copy, hard deadlines, and multiple rounds of feedback.

I am extremely adaptable to different voices & styles.

Whether it’s writing for an audience of students, florists, gamers, nature lovers, bodybuilders, or beauty bloggers, I can easily adapt to any voice and style. In addition, I’m skilled at writing for nearly any medium, including but not limited to social media posts, recipes, long-form articles, emails, business-to-business brochures, store signs, digital banner ads, landing pages, and more.

I have a deep love of love language & storytelling.

I have a linguistics background which enables me to approach all writing through the lens of equations and logic. But logic alone makes for very dry writing! Thankfully, I am also a creative spirit who simply enjoys making any subject compelling and fun. I’ve found the combination has served me well in my career so far, and I hope it might serve you well, too!

some of my previous employers & clients.

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